Happy Hour Arby’s Secrets: Uncover the Best Deals!

Happy Hour at Arby’s typically offers discounted prices on select menu items. The specifics, including times and offers,vary by location.

Discover Arby’s Happy Hour, where savings meet deliciousness. Participating Arby’s locations entice customers with special deals on their unique fast-food favorites, from signature roast beef sandwiches to curly fries and shakes. Each franchise may customize their Happy Hour schedule and selection, ensuring that regulars and newcomers alike can enjoy a burst of flavor without breaking the bank.

Check with your local Arby’s to uncover their Happy Hour timings and treat yourself to an afternoon indulgence or a savory evening snack. Remember, these appetizing discounts aren’t an everyday affair, so seize the opportunity to relish Arby’s mouthwatering meals at a fraction of the cost.

Arby’s Happy Hour: An Insider’s Guide

Arby’s Happy Hour shines brightest from 2 PM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Snack seekers snag big deals during these coveted hours. Small sliders, cookies, soft drinks, and shakes often star on the Happy Hour menu. Prices dip as low as one dollar per item, attracting both families and budget-conscious diners. Each restaurant may have its own unique offerings, so a quick call in advance helps. Guests looking to indulge without breaking the bank discover that Arby’s Happy Hour is the prime time. Plan your visit to coincide with these hours for the best deals!

Happy Hour Arby's Secrets: Uncover the Best Deals!

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Maximizing Your Savings

Maximizing your savings at Arby’s Happy Hour can be quite thrilling. To secure the best value, consider combining various deals. A great approach involves leveraging the Arby’s app alongside their rewards program. Activating notifications ensures you don’t miss out on exclusive app-only offers.

Planning ahead is key. By aligning app deals with Happy Hour, you amplify savings. Also, regularly using the Arby’s app can rack up rewards points. These points unlock even more discounts. So, using the app and rewards in tandem with Happy Hour can lead to surprising savings.

Secret Menu Hacks

Arby’s fans, unlock secret treats with these tips. For a zesty twist, ask for extra Red Ranch Sauce on your Beef ‘n Cheddar. Love bacon? Double up on it without fear—the kitchen can oblige. Cheese enthusiasts, rejoice: request a blend of cheeses for a unique melt-in-mouth experience. And for vegetarians, get the Market Fresh sandwich minus the meat – they’ll pile on the veggies instead.

Staff favorites remain closely guarded secrets, but we’ve got the scoop. Dive into a Roast Beef slider with a tangy twist—add jalapenos and onion tanglers. Prefer chicken? Request an off-menu Chicken Cordon Bleu with an extra slice of ham. Don’t forget to pair your sandwich with curly fries loaded with Arby’s sauce for a flavor explosion beloved by those behind the counter.

Happy Hour Arby's Secrets: Uncover the Best Deals!

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Refreshing Beverages On A Budget

Score delightful drink deals at Arby’s happy hour. Perfect for those on a tight budget. Enjoy a refreshing sip without breaking the bank.

Get creative with mix and match options. Customize your beverage experience. Combine flavors to craft your ideal refreshment. Savor the fun of experimentation.

Drink Size Price
Small $1
Medium $1.50
Large $2

Snack Smarter, Not Harder

Happy Hour at Arby’s can be both delicious and mindful. Their selection offers variety without missing out on taste. Choose options like slider sandwiches or miniature salads. These snacks pack a punch in flavor while remaining light on calories. Light snacks mean you leave feeling satisfied, not stuffed.

Snack Item Calories
Jr. Ham & Cheddar Melt ~200
Buffalo Chicken Slider ~290
Side Salad With Light Italian Dressing ~70

Stick to these health-conscious choices and enjoy satisfying flavors. Arby’s Happy Hour is not just fiscally savvy, it can also align with a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Hour Arby's Secrets: Uncover the Best Deals!

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Limited Time Offers: Seasonal Surprises

Arby’s Happy Hour hosts exciting seasonal deals. Look out for mouth-watering menus as new offers pop up. They tend to rotate, so keep an eye on their announcements. To catch these time-sensitive specials, understand that updates usually come Quarterly.

Spring blooms with fresh options, while summer sizzles with limited-time snacks. Come fall, hearty choices reflect the harvest. Winter wonders offer comfort with each bite. Don’t miss the savings and flavors.

Frequent Visitor Tips

Happy Hour at Arby’s just got better for frequent visitors. With the loyalty perks program, regulars now enjoy exclusive benefits. Benefits include special discounts and priority service.

One tip from seasoned guests is to download the Arby’s app. By using the app, guests can accrue points with every purchase. These points can unlock free menu items. Also, app users get early alerts for new deals.

Loyalty Perk Benefit
Download App Collect points and earn free food.
Exclusive Deals Special discounts on favorite items.
Sneak Peeks Early access to new menu additions.

Seasoned Arby’s fans suggest always checking the app before visiting. This ensures you never miss out on savings. They also recommend visiting during non-peak hours. This strategy often results in quicker service and a more relaxed dining experience.

Group Gatherings: Sharing The Happy Hour Joy

Happy Hour at Arby’s is a perfect opportunity for friends to enjoy good food and drinks. Great deals on sliders, sandwiches, and shakes make ordering for a crowd both easy and budget-friendly. Break the paragraph into shorter segments, making it easy to digest. A variety of options ensures everyone in the group finds something to savor. Meanwhile, sharing is caring, so consider group-friendly platters for a mix-and-match feast that delights all.

Remembering Happy Hour etiquette is key. Always divide the bill fairly and tip generously for good service. Keep noise to a minimum and be considerate of other patrons. Arby’s invites groups to relax and indulge but remind everyone to be respectful and enjoy responsibly.

Happy Hour Myths Debunked

Happy Hour at Arby’s often gets wrapped in myths. People think it’s just for drinks. This isn’t true. Arby’s Happy Hour includes tasty food deals too.

Low prices don’t mean low quality. Arby’s uses the same ingredients all day. It’s a myth that Happy Hour food is different.

Customers say the sliders are a steal. Real buyer John says, “Love the chicken slider during Happy Hour!” While Mary insists, “Great savings on my favorite – the curly fries!”

Frequently Asked Questions For Happy Hour Arbys

What Menu Items Did Arby’s Get Rid Of?

Arby’s has discontinued some menu items such as the potato cakes and several deli-style sandwiches over time. These changes reflect updates to their menu selection.

What Is The Healthiest Sandwich At Arby’s?

The healthiest sandwich at Arby’s is the Classic Roast Beef, with its lean protein and lower calorie count.

What Times Are Arby’s Happy Hour?

Arby’s Happy Hour typically runs from 2 PM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Customers can enjoy discounted prices on select menu items during this time, though availability may vary by location.

Does Arby’s Offer Special Happy Hour Menu Items?

Yes, during Happy Hour, Arby’s often features select items at reduced prices. These can include sliders, small fries, drinks, and shakes. Check with your local Arby’s for their specific Happy Hour menu.


Wrapping up, Arby’s happy hour delights both taste buds and wallets. Don’t miss out on the mouth-watering deals that make your afternoons special. Visit your local Arby’s and join the scores of satisfied customers savoring every moment and every bite.

Remember, great taste meets great value at Arby’s happy hour.

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